Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back, maybe....

So I logged on to blogger for the first time in months. I have had update my blog on my to-do list for a while now but find more "important" things to do. In the last few months I havn't been all that createive. Blame the gloomy English winter or pregnancy but I just have not had the will to do more than what had to be done. I have done a few things and I am working on getting photos of them to put up.

I am in the midst of making newborn diapers and covers, I have much of them cut I'm just waiting on supplies to come that I have ordered and most likely will not get them done until the end of May since I want to put bamboo velor on the indside of them and well I special ordered a bunch of it, so lets hope my new born diapers get done before I have a new born, LOL.

Here is a picture of one diaper I did make while exprimenting with diaper making. I made several proto types and eventualy drafted my own patteren because most of the patterens I printed off the internet wound up way too small and now Livi has a few diapers for her dolls. This diaper I made from an old polo shirt that Justin no loger wanted.

I made a Mai Tia carrier a couple of months ago and think I will really like it, unfortualty I have not been able to try it out because Olivia runs and hides every time I get it out. I would love to try it and take some pics but I don't think it's going to happen unless I put it on the dress manaquine and put a doll in it.

I also recently made a pair of pajamas and a dress for Olivia but I have not taken photos because Olivia loves these and also has learned to use the camera so wants to be the photographer instead of having the picture taken of her. Eventualy I will sneak photos of these things.

I have lots of other projects on the list and am working through them along with looking for a new house and preparing for baby to come. I hope I can keep up on this blog, but I'm not making promises.