Monday, October 22, 2007

New Coat

After about four conversations with my husband about the need for me to get a new coat that went some thing like this:

Me: I NEED to buy a winter coat.

DH: You have a coat, there is a whole closet full of coats in the extra bedroom.

Me: No I don't have a coat (we both walk into the bedroom to look at the coats in the closet which consist of two coats for Olivia, a Green Bay Packers coat of DH's, a leather jacket of DH's, a black parka of DH's, a poncho of DH's, DH's Letterman jacket from high school, a rain coat that belongs to me, a warm coat that belongs to me but is not for wearing to nice places, my FFA jacket from high school, and my winter coat that I bought last year which is a maternity)

DH: (pulling out maternity coat) see you have this one.

Me: It's a M-a-t-e-r-n-i-t-y coat. It will be way to big for me this year (I hope).

I got a new coat this weekend. And not a day too soon with the weather getting cool here, I will be wearing it soon. I got a great deal on it too. The in store price was $185, they were having a 50% off sale bringing it down to $92.50. I had $31 on a gift card so after taxes I paid $68 a 64% savings!
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's been awhile

Wow! The last month has just flown. We have been very busy gearing up for our move and now I think we will be breathing a little easier for a few months.

We have a couple of very small projects to do and the house will be put up for sale, hopefully by the first of December.

I spent three weeks and three visits to vets trying to get our pets started on the import process into the UK. It's a complicated six month process that has to be done right or the go into a six month quarantine when we get there. We wound up driving two hours to Fort Leavenworth Kansas and the Army vet up there because the military vets are the only ones that have micro-chip readers that read European chips which two of our animals have. The processes is started now and they should be able to enter the country about the same time we fly over there. They may have a week or so of quarantine to Finnish up there but we will also have to find a house so that works for us.

In the mean time, I'm doing little bits of packing here and there in hopes that we sell our house right away and will move into a temp house. I have also gotten a creative streak, the stress has settled a bit. I cut 10 baby jumpers the other day, I'm going to give five of them away and keep the other five for our baby clothes stash. I also bought 20 some yards of fabric at Wal-Mart off the $1 rack. most of it will be pajama pants and dresses for Olivia. Some will be a shirt I have wanted to make for myself for a while and then I will have some for my fabric stash that I have a goal of building along with my pattern stash. Pictures will be coming soon.