Monday, October 22, 2007

New Coat

After about four conversations with my husband about the need for me to get a new coat that went some thing like this:

Me: I NEED to buy a winter coat.

DH: You have a coat, there is a whole closet full of coats in the extra bedroom.

Me: No I don't have a coat (we both walk into the bedroom to look at the coats in the closet which consist of two coats for Olivia, a Green Bay Packers coat of DH's, a leather jacket of DH's, a black parka of DH's, a poncho of DH's, DH's Letterman jacket from high school, a rain coat that belongs to me, a warm coat that belongs to me but is not for wearing to nice places, my FFA jacket from high school, and my winter coat that I bought last year which is a maternity)

DH: (pulling out maternity coat) see you have this one.

Me: It's a M-a-t-e-r-n-i-t-y coat. It will be way to big for me this year (I hope).

I got a new coat this weekend. And not a day too soon with the weather getting cool here, I will be wearing it soon. I got a great deal on it too. The in store price was $185, they were having a 50% off sale bringing it down to $92.50. I had $31 on a gift card so after taxes I paid $68 a 64% savings!
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Cara said...

Ah, I know the feeling... We did the same thing with shoes recently :o) No, I cannot wear riding boots everywhere... I need nice boots, riding/logger boots, and tennis shoes. :P