Friday, December 21, 2007

Passport Pictures

We got them done yesterday. My husband made the appointment. He tries. The thing is that he made it on a Thursday at 2:30. Nap times in our house are 10 and 2, I think he knows this but being Dad it doesn't occur to him not to make appointments at these times. Thursdays at 2 are even worse because most times there is no morring nap due to play group and shopping. If there is one it's not a good one.
We went to the picture place early to see if they could get us in. I was afraid that we would have no luck. They got us in but all Olivia wanted to do was play. Sitting still on a pillow for a head shot was not happening. Her picture looks like someone pinched her :(. Mine turned out good on the other hand.
This morning we got the passport paperwork turned in. One more step down.

We are going to take Olivia to get pictures taken with Santa today after Justin gets off work. She met him a few weeks ago and in general does well with other people so we should get a good shot for this photo. In the mean time here is a picture that Devan took last time we were home,
Yep she is standing! She is trying to do it on her own now too. Only a few more weeks until she walks. I caught her the other day trying to climb the gate in front of the Christmas tree, I'm always on my toes.

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