Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hat and Scarf

I taught myself to knit several years ago to help get through a winter deployment. That first project was a sweater, it's still sitting in my knitting basket just about done. I lost track of where I was at on the last sleeve, someday I will attempt to figure out where I was at.

I did finish this project though, I made she scarf in a garter stitch, it's OK, it has some holes from dropping stitches and it's wider at one end because of the dropped stitches. The hat was so simple and other than taking time to finding the proper needles it only took me a few hours to make.


Julieann said...

Hi There!

I love the color blue you used, so pretty--and it looks perfect to me:) I bet they are warm too:)


Beautifuly Created said...

Thank you, yes they are very warm. So nice since the weather has gotten so cold here this winter.