Friday, August 8, 2008

I had to move the cat food today

It's not a new thing to keep the cat food up off the floor, we have to do that to keep the dogs out of it. We have kept if various places over the years, on top of the refrigerator, in a room with a kitty door, on the dryer..... Our last house we had a little room that served as an office and pantry we kept a baby gate on the door way and put the cat food in there, here we just do not have that luxury there are three rooms down stairs kitchen, living room, and office. We don't have a full sized refrigerator and I was trying to avoid having the cat on the counters. My solution was to put the cat bowl in a window since he comes in and out of them all day anyway. Well today that plan was taken out of commission as Olivia discovered where the cat food was and started playing in it. So now the bowl is on my laundry counter, the cat may just start eating in the garage.


Anna said...

We have two cats now, and for the time being we have two litter boxes and food bowls. I think it's Carol's favorite thing to do- play in the food and worse, in the litter box.
There's not an easy way of getting the kitten's food out of the way, so I've done a lot of cleaning up recently!

Julieann said...

ohhh that is a tough one---When we were in Georgia, we had a cat, my SIL has it now---and the cat would eat the dog food---LOL--the dog got so mad, that he would pee on his food to mark it...LOL. Hope the laundry room wroks out. I really like the fridge idea too.