Monday, August 24, 2009

My latest creations

I haven't blogged in a long time, I feel like I have done so much more than I have pictures to post, and I have I just don't have the pictures. I have been a diaper making machine getting new born diapers done just before our new baby arrived, then burp cloths also as I realized that we did not have any that were not pink LOL. I don't have pictures of the new diapers (well very used now) and burb cloths but here is what I have done in the last few weeks.

This is a baby quilt (or lap quilt) made from squares of denim and DCU's with a flannel backing that has John Deer tractor camo pattern.
The next two are some dish towel sets I made up by crochet, I have taken a liking to crochet and have found I can do it while nursing the baby.

And finaly here is our beautiful baby boy, Erik, born June 15 after a fairly uneventful pregnancy. He is 9 weeks old in this picuter.

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