Thursday, September 20, 2007

Whats been going on here

I eluded to some big news last week in my post, and while things are not set in stone yet I think now is the time to lay it all out.

My business is going to be on the very back burner for an indefinite period of time. The reason being that I need to focus on getting our home ready to put up for sale and then packing and moving. Yes we will be moving in the very near future, within the next six months.

Being a military family we have become accustom to this and welcome the change. We have been in the house we currently call home for just over three years now. That is about six months longer than we have lived in any house in the eight years we have been married. This move is not yet set in stone, nothing is with the military until you are at your destination really but we feel that this is God timing. My husband filed for an extension so that we could have more time to sell our house and we are waiting to see if they approve it or cancel the orders all together. So where are you moving to? you ask, Well we are going to be moving back to England. We are so excited about this. We loved our time in England and there were many things we did not get to do before we left.

I ask for prayers for us. While we are ready for the transition and even anticipate it they are always difficult. In particular we need to get our house sold and in a timely manner at a decent selling price. If it sells quickly we have a couple of options, one being to rent a place until we move. This is not always easy as landlords around here like to have leases for one year though our orders would get us out of a lease we would hate to do that to a landlord. In addition many times the rent is more than what we are paid for housing cost, one of the reasons we bought in the first place, so it would cost us a lot of money to rent a house even for a few months especially with animals. Another less desirable option is for myself, the baby, and our pets to move home with my parents and for my husband to stay with some friends who have already said it would not be a problem, and then putting all of our belongings into storage until we move (or with any luck having orders cut and getting our goods shipped ahead of us). This would save us a lot of money even with helping people with utilities and food but our family would be separated by 5 hours for a few months and I would have little access to a vehicle to come visit. We are prepared for either situation.

I am in the process of attempting to do a fairly complete inventory of our house. Especially the items that will be going into long term storage. This is a daunting tasks to say the least but in the end will make the move that much smoother. I am also evaluating much of what we have and making very tough decisions about weather it is an item that we can live without for the next few years or not. Some things are a given, but somethings you just can't be sure about and since I know that we have almost no choice but to down size this move and will want to buy some more antiques while we are there I just have to make the choices.

Well the baby is awake and I'm off to do some more work.

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