Saturday, February 9, 2008

Because a girl just can't have too many bags

I was purging old clothes to put away new ones that I purchased today so Olivia played in my room (because playing with Mommies things are so much better than playing with her toys). She decided to take out all of my purses and apparently couldn't decide which one was better, or she had a lot of things she wanted to carry :). This isn't the only thing she played with, I put away several drawers and shelves that were emptied before I got my job done :).


Dawn said...

Awww how cute! Let her play with a box and a Tupperware bowl and she will probably be as happy as a clam. It doesn't take expensive toys to interest a wee one. :)

The Lord bless you <><


Beautifuly Created said...

She loves those too. I just thought this was too cute. Mostly since my Mom can't get over how girly she and I are.

Adam said...

Omg, so adorable!

Hope all is great in your world!!!

Patty said...

so cute !

Devan Whitson said...

That's my kinda girl!