Thursday, June 19, 2008

What, I have a blog?

OK so I know it's been forever since I updated here and I have a whole long list of excuses, really. To start with my old computer died a very sudden and tragic death. The video card and hard drive both went at the same time. I was very attached to that computer, I also had not back anything up on it so I lost a lot. Luckily Justin had transferred the pictures we had taken of Olivia over to his computer so we did not loose those, but everything else was gone. We bought a new computer right away but I do not like this one the primary reason being that it does not have an SD card reader which makes blogging and posting things for sale on ETSY rather inconvenient. I have found the cord for my camera however I don't like that process as well as I like popping the SD card into the computer and getting the pictures that I needed.

Add into that finishing up with our move and well that just made life a little more stressed, but we are done with that for a while now and settled into our new house for the most part. Sometime I will post pictures as I know there are some out here who want to see it.

Before we left the States we spent three weeks with our family in Illinois we had a wonderful time and got to spend a lot of time with my brothers and their wives. I love having sisters after having had only my brothers for so long its so nice to have sisters to hang out with and do fun girl type stuff with. My youngest brothers wife and I went off a couple of times and did girl things like searching Joann's for the prefect fabric for a pettieskirt (I'm getting a foot in the mail to make it Devan I haven't forgotten) or going to a tea house to eat. We also all went out to a local pub for dinner and some drinks, it was so nice to be together too bad we are all over the world.

Devan also took some awesome family pictures of us.

When we got here we pretty much focused on finding a house and settling in. Well that's done now and I finally have a room that I can sew in so you can look for postings hopefully to be more frequent both on here and in my shop.

Now to leave you with the latest item in my shop this clothes pin apron.


Treasurekeeper said...

Hi there!
I am so so sad we couldn't get up there before you left :(. I knew something would end up blocking us. Thankfully we did finally get a van before the other completely died! In fact, our old van started smoking on the way to pick up the new one! I have often wondered if they were able to drive it off the lot or if they had to tow it ;). We are all really looking forward to getting to see Grandpa and Grandma on the fourth :).
I would love to see pics of your new home :). And the apron is lovely! I have never heard of such a thing before but how handy would that be when I'm back to hanging diapers every other day?! Just 10'ish more weeks! My sewing skills have greatly improved in the last year, maybe I should try to make one :). I have made the girls matching nightgowns and matching skirts among other things, it is so much fun to be able to dress them alike once in a while again and the girls love it too :). I'm making them all jean skirts for the fourth.
It sounds like you are all doing well :).

Beautifuly Created said...

Hi Shelby,
We had car problems too before we left and decided to buy a van in hopes that soon we will out grow a car anyway. Our car so bad that all though we had planned to go up to Kansas City to buy because of better deals we decided we better just go to the local dealership and see what we could get. We did pretty well so I can't complain.

The apron was very easy. I did two of them last week out of canvas that I had left over from another project. The one I use myself is slightly different than the one I put in the shop but the same design. If I make them again I will try to do a tutorial it would be an exelent beginers sewing project and dosen't even require a pattern or much mesuring.

I have not done much sewing at all in the last few months, part trying to keep the house clean, part not having a machine but now with my own room I plan to get busy.