Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What I have been doing

The last couple of weeks have been up and down. I'm pretty sure I got everything I ordered a the beginning/middle of June so if I can make myself sit down down and do them I should have some projects going and done this month. Then on the other hand July is one of the nicest months of the year here in England and if it's not raining I sure would rather be out taking walks with Olivia or playing in the garden. Speaking of which we have a greenhouse and I have taken to growing things in there and it's not going half bad, if I can keep it up I think I can grow a good portion of produce right in our back yard.

I have completed one project. Part of my big shopping spree was an order of diaper kits from Diaperkits.com I spent an entire weekend and a little bit putting together a dozen all in one diapers but the results were great and the order was well worth it since I could not have bought the materials to cut them myself for what I paid per diaper. Justin told me when he put one on that if we got 50 more of them he would be perfectly happy. We don't need 50 but another dozen in this size and three dozen or so in smaller sizes should do us along with some sleeping diapers.
Up next, the ruffling foot for my sewing machine FINALLY came in so I will be working on the pettiskirt I started for Devan while we were home and send that to her. I have 30 yards of chiffon so I'm going to make one for Olivia for play clothes and put at least one in my ESTY shop. I also got in two yards of oil cloth to make bibs with, I will be making a couple for us because we are in desperate need of bibs and putting the rest in my shop. I also have a shirt cut out for myself if I ever get to it and I would love to get to my fabric stash and make myself and Olivia some new clothes since I have lost a couple of dress sizes since moving here and Olivia is growing like a weed.


Lisa Sharp said...

This is a huge step in being green! Not one I can take seeing as I don't have kids haha. But glad to see more mom's switching. They are a lot cuter these days!

Treasurekeeper said...

Wow, those look great! I ordered new diapers for the new Baby recently and the little covers are so tiny :)! I'm planning to try my hand at a Mei Tai baby carrier after we get to Hobby Lobby sometime soon, hopefully before baby arrives or it could take me twice as long to get done. Have you ever done a baby carrier before?

Beautifuly Created said...

I have done the sling/pouch type. I want to try a Mei Tai for now with Olivia because I think it would work for going on longer walks where a stroller can't go. There are some foot paths around that I havn't been on yet becasue I can't get down them with the stroller. Anyway the pouch type are very easy I have one made up I will have to do a picture of. They are great for tiny ones because they cradle them.