Monday, February 1, 2010

Clean Sweep

I have the itch to organize something big time right now. I just feel this NEED to get my house running as smoothly as possible and that means going through and getting rid of the extra things that are just taking up space. This could have something to do with the fact that I put some things in our storage room and now cannot get into it because some totes fell in front of the door thus blocking entry, it could be that when my husband brought up the possibility of staying at this base an additional 4 years and I asked him if he would want to move at that point and he said no that my mind is now going OK we are pretty comfortable here with our two children but we plan to add more and well it's going to get a little crowded.

Somethings need to be kept, I really do like to get my china out and use it, someday we will have long Sunday dinners with the table set with the best dishes, to be honest I want a second set that is English, I am living in England after all I should have a set of English china as a souvenir. I don't really want to buy all new Christmas decor, or other holidays for that matter, and one day like the Sunday dinners, I will have it together enough to decorate for the changing season. But do I really need to keep the toys that cost me $3 at the thrift shop, or the $20 high chair? Well the baby IS using th high chair right now but you get the point, I probably do not. I'm even wondering if I REALLY need that extra freezer in my kitchen, though it's not really in the way and it is a good place to feed the cat.

So now I'm off to continue to purge and organize my house.

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