Monday, February 15, 2010

A New Bag

Presidents day means a day off for my husband. We like to try to go do something fun on these days off but it was just too dang cold today and we are all to one degree or another getting over colds here so we didn't do much.

I made some homemade marshmallows, well attempted to I think they are going to get remelted for rice crispy treats as they seem to be a little too sticky this time around. I also made a big pot of spegetti sauce, this was all before 10 am.

We then made a run out to take my good sewing machine to the repair shop, again, the third time in 6 months :(.

Luckily I have a backup machine, not the greatest but it works. So when we got home from all the running I decided to do a little sewing for myself. I can't remember the last time I made something for me and not something for someone else or baby diapers. Well I made a diaper bag so it's not all for me.

I used this tutorial and adapted it to work with this old military blouse.
And made a nice bag that looks like this
And pockets on the back
and on the inside too
I'm going to give it a try, it's not quite as big as I was wanting it, I'm trying to go back to full time cloth diapering which means needing a pretty big bag to go out with. It was a nice simple and fun project to do on a relaxing "day off"


Yara said...

very cute!
I usually just keep extra cloth diapers in the back of the car, and bring one or two in my bag when we are out. or I change him in the car when we get where we are going, so I don't have to carry such a huge diaper bag all the time.

Mary Jo said...

Yeah I do that too, I need a bag for when we are away from the car for hours though, which is often what happens when we go out here. I always have the stroller with me when we do that so I just stick the bag in the stroller basket.

I filled it this morning and it's full, 3 inserts, 2 covers, a wet bag, formula container, water bottle, two little blocks, first aid kit, burp cloth, wipe case, pull up for Olivia, I still need to be able to put a big and some solid food in it. So I think I will make another bag and use this one for toys.

Mama-Dawn said...

I wish I had half your creative genius! That's such a neat idea!

Mary Jo said...

OH, thank you Dawn, this is far from original, there is another spouse here that makes and sells these in several styles, I have two more of these tops that I'm going to make bags for my nephew and Olivia but I'm going to get new name tapes done for them.

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