Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Its all about self-dicsiplin

And I'm horrible at it, absolutely horrible. Given the choice I like any other person will take the easy choice over the harder. An extra hour in bed is so much better than getting up and exercising, letting chores go in favor of reading a book or going out for the day is so much easier. On the other hand when we get used to the harder things they become second nature. Our bodies adjust to waking up at a certain hour and the exercise becomes less of an effort. When done consistently the chores do not build up as much and can be done in a manageable amount of time. You begin to do things and do not even realise that you did them, I find that I am doing this now. If I could just be consist ant.

I have a tendency to crash and burn. I'm gun-ho about a diet, exercise plan, or housekeeping schedule, follow it for a while and then something happens. I get out of the groove, I don't loose weight, I would rather sleep than do anything else (this is how I feel this week). And yet I know if I do the basics all will be OK.

I must take baby steps. Bring things together one thing at a time, and prioritize. I have so many goals both for our family and myself, I need to write them down discuss them with DH and prioritize them then make a plan to get them done.

I'm inspired now, I'm going to do a couple of task and then work on the list.

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Anna S said...

Doing everything in baby steps works for me too. I've found out that if I commit to too much in too little time, it just won't work!