Saturday, July 14, 2007

No pin solution to pre-fold dipers

I have been facinated with cloth diapering for years. When we first began to think about having children I thought about the possibility of cloth diapering. For me it's more of a reduce, reuse than money saving. I believe that as christians we should be the bigest environmentalist on the planet. God put us on the planet and chared man kind to take care of it. I recycle when possible and do not feel comfortable throwing diapers into the trash week after week.

When I became pregnant with Olivia I began to research cloth diapers more and fell in love with the idea of all-in-one diapers. I didn't buy any however because I was unsure how big of a baby I would have so I settled for using disposables at first and then buy cloth diapers after we got settled a bit.

When it came time to by the cloth diapers I could not justify the cost of all-in-ones even if I made them myself because we were only spending about $20 a month on diapers (buying military storebrand diapers) so I went the "old fashiond" route pre-folds, pins, and plastic pants. The problem was that my huband who is wonderfull about helping with all of the aspects of parenting was not comfortable with the pins, I was talking to my Mom one day about it and she was like don't they make diapers with velcro? I said yes but they are expensive and more than I want to pay for diapers right now.

So today while driving home from my personal time shopping trip I came up with this idea.

I took a pre-fold diaper and folded it to the size Olivia is right now

I then put a piece of loop just below the line where the diaper folds over. I left the fold loose so that the diaper can grow with her. When she gets bigger I will put more loop at the bigger sizes and if God blesses us with another baby I will put loop at the smaller size also to make a one size fits all diaper.
I put hook on the top corners of the diaper and then put loop right next to it so that when I wash the diapers I can fold the hook over onto the loop and not get junk caught in the hook.

Here is the finished product.

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Cara said...

Great idea! We love cloth also :) I tend to just use Prowraps and just lay the diaper in there, prefolds are my stand-by as well :)